Best Muscle Cars 

Most Honest Viper Craigslist Ad Ever

Okay. Full disclosure. I almost killed myself in it. It is VERY powerful. Extremely, EXTREMELY fast. I’ve driven Ferrari’s that don’t feel as crazy as this thing. I am frankly afraid of it now. That’s right. It’s in my garage and I’m afraid to drive it because it’s like a crazy steroid bull that wants to kill me. I’ve done 130 mph on a Ducati while laughing into the face of death. The viperis a completely different bowl of crack. The engine sounds like 40 pit bulls eating kittens while…

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Best Classic Cars 

Dozens of sports cars worth millions found in public garage, but where is it?

This mystery has been solved. This parking garage is located in Memphis, Tennessee. Portrait photographer and Redditor Phil Sebbens was poking around in an office building parking deck when he came across this surprising find. On the top floor, Phil discovered over two dozen dusty classic and high performance sports cars that are worth millions of dollars combined. Among the several rarities found include a couple of Ferrari Speciales, Lamborghinis and even a mint-looking 1958 Chevrolet Impala. This lone hot rod has flames. According to the post, the building has…

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