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Man forgets where he parks his car – then finds it 20 years late

Back in 1997 in the German city of Frankfurt, a man reported his car as stolen to the police. Twenty years later, the authorities in the city have tracked down the missing vehicle, only to discover that the man who owned it had in fact, just forgotten where he’d parked the car and had assumed it had been stolen. The vehicle was found in a garage in an old industrial building that is due to be demolished. The car was in the way of the demolition so it was reported…

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Best European car 

1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom 1 Jonckheere Coupe

And then there were ten. With a completely expected shoo-in for JFG like the Porsche 959, the margin of acceptance standing at 95.1% is no surprise. Impressive yes, but still bested by the McLaren F1 and the Mercedes 300SL, though we suppose that to be good company to keep. Today’s offering is far less well known, with a far murkier history, and much, much more beautiful coachwork. What the bloodlines of the recently axed Rolls Royce Phantom cannot offer is everything this car represents. Complete and utter disregard for cost,…

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