Best Classic Cars 

11 Features You No Longer See in Cars

It’s hard to picture what today’s teenagers will wax nostalgic about 30 years from now when they reminisce about their first car. (It still required gasoline, perhaps?) Who knows how automobiles will change in the future; what we do know is how different they are today from 30 or more years ago. If you fondly remember being surrounded by two or three tons of solid Detroit steel with a whip antenna on the front from which you could tie a raccoon tail or adorn with an orange Union 76 ball, and enough leg…

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Barn Finds Best 

Amazing Abandoned Formula 1 Cars Are Rusting Away

Listening to or reading about an exciting and weird story is something that we all love doing. The drama and the suspense behind it massive and we just cannot wait to hear more. Even though we have previously come across many different stories where people left their cars in a garage somewhere and found if many years later, what you are about to see here is something way better. We check out something that is going to blow your mind and leave you in doubts i.e. take a look at…

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