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THE 1ST 1970 PLYMOUTH HEMI CUDA – 3,000,000$!

Are you a trust fund baby? Or, maybe you just sold a few thousand shares of Google or Apple stock, or just sold your business? If so, this 1970 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda may be for you. I don’t know about you, but any time that I sell a car for $3,000,000 (or, $3,000) I like to detail the heck out of it and take thee best photos possible. I must be different than this seller, who seemingly just drove the car through a field and didn’t even bother to clean the tires,…

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1959 CADILLAC HEARSE! One of the Coolest Things I’ve Ever Seen!

This 1959 Cadillac hearse was built by Mr. Giannakidis from Athens, Greece. There was 2 created but the other hearse no longer exists. This one has very little rust and was recently removed from its long time storage. The original 390 starts first time, every time. The windscreen is cracked and comes with some spare glass. In the rear there is a small wheeled table/pad. The Funeral Director would place the front edge of the casket on it and roll it towards the front of the big table. This was done so…

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Man Climbs The Roof Of Rs 5 Crore Lamborghini Aventador For Fun, Owner Punches & Knocks Him Out

The thing about supercars is that they tend to be very expensive. Most owners drive them with extreme caution and the enthusiast sort tends to love them like a child. So when a punk decided to climb on the roof of one, the owner taught him a lesson he will never forget. As you can see, messing with a man’s pride and joy can be dangerous. The punk first steps on the bonnet, the windscreen from where he proceeds to the roof, and though it’s not very clear in the…

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