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Mopars Steal The Show At Mecum’s Indy Auction! Huge Gallery!

With both record prices and bargains, Mopars were the highlight of the 30th Annual Spring Classic. The challenge to making any event last is consistency. Weathering the storms of business cycles, giving people a positive experience, and generating the idea that this is the one will all play into its legacy. The Mecum auction company has proven they know their target audience and can meet those marks. For 30 years, Dana Mecum and his crew have hosted an event called the Spring Classic, the granddaddy of their yearly schedule. It now takes…

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Detroit Riprap: Abandoned Cars as Erosion Control

Throughout Montana, the U.S and beyond, there are rusted cars scattered along the banks and bottoms of rivers that are remnants of a time when rivers were less regulated and self-reliant people were trying to figure out how to battle the escalating problem of erosion. These cars abandoned by their owners are relics from a 1950s erosion control experiment, when cars were taken from wrecking yards and dumped into the river, hopefully, to stabilize the eroding bank. The cars would have their engines and other innards removed by cutting torches…

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