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Muscle Cars 

Amazing Muscle Car Era Factory Assembly Lines

We all admire the glorious and beautiful cars from the famous ’60s and early ’70s era where the muscle car was at its peak. Yeah, some lucky of us even own them now. However, nevertheless there is no man who like them or not, will not be delighted or at least with a dose of nostalgia to remember that period – a golden period of muscle car and american cars overall. Many will even comment that those were good times and perfect cars, and what’s driving now is just a faint copy…

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Barn Finds Best 


Most avid car enthusiasts have heard at least a few tall tales about a rare vintage car parked in a barn somewhere. Most of us usually dismiss it as just that—a tall tale. Rumors of a 1970 Chevelle SS454 sitting in a collapsed barn in Ohio have swirled for many years around the Chevelle enthusiast circles. Solid proof confirming this story had never been available until May 2017, when a short cell phone video of the car surfaced, along with a contact email address. An email was quickly sent to…

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