Electric Cars 

Zacua electric car on sale in November

By mexiconewsdaily The first electric car made completely in Mexico by a 100% Mexican company and specifically designed for motorists in the country’s cities is expected to go on sale in November. Two zero-emissions coupe models — the M2 and the M3 — made by Motores Limpios will initially be available under the brand name Zacua, derived from the Nahuatl name of a bird species found from Mexico to Panama and one intended to evoke the qualities of innovation, efficiency and environmental respect. Company director Jorge Martínez says the initiative was born…

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Classic Cars 

This Woman Bought A Chevy Bel Air In 1957 And It’s The Only Car She’s Driven Since

This is the love story between a woman and her car. It has thrived for decades and shows no signs of slowing down. Who is this lady who may hold the record for the longest single person ownership of a ’57 Chevy, at least outside of Cuba? In 1957 Miss Grace Braeger of West Bend, was having car problems with her 1950 Chevy. So she went to King Braeger in Milwaukee so the dealer emblem on the back would match her name. “My name, of course, is Braeger, so I…

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