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Some Barns Hide Better Unused Cars than Others

Barn Find Hunter is Hagerty’s web series about Tom Cotter going across America, only to find cars ranging from total trash to rarities you wouldn’t believe. And I’m talking about more than a 1980 Eagle 4×4 Turbodiesel. In North Georgia, Cotter’s walk started with a Rambler Marlin, a rare fastback with a 292 V8, a four-speed, power brakes, and not much else. When was the last time you saw one of those? Probably never, because AMC only built them for two years, sort of as a halo car. The owner wants $3000…

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Barn Finds 

Really. This 1965 Sting Ray coupe lived in a shed for 36 years

Tucked away in a farmer’s shed in on the Great Plains of America since 1981, the old coupe had a coat of dust thick enough to almost entirely obscure the original Marina Blue paint. There was no hurry to move the 1965 Corvette, “being as we’re right in the middle of harvest,” Travis Snyder said. “It’s a 1965 Sting Ray; a 327, 365-horse original motor; original transmission, a four-speed. It’s Marina Blue with a Marina Blue leather interior.” Snyder owns a body shop in Ness City, Kansas, where he likes…

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