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Miss Belvedere: The World’s Most Disappointing Time Capsule?

BY LUKE BATHER,  mentalfloss The world loves the nostalgia of a good time capsule story, but things don’t always go according to plan. In the case of Tulsa, Oklahoma, one time capsule that was supposed to yield buried treasure turned out to be a disappointment 50 years in the making. The year was 1957, and the city of Tulsa was celebrating the state’s 50th anniversary with a competition. The prize was a brand-new Plymouth Belvedere with only four miles on the odometer. But like any big PR stunt, there was a catch:…

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This 1233 Horsepower Diesel-Nitrous Truck Is Nuts

Old Smokey F1 is Scott Birdsall’s multi-purpose 1949 Ford pickup-bodied race truck, built at Chuckles Garage in Santa Rosa, California. Under all that patina and plumbing, it hides a 5.9 Cummins diesel with a sequential turbo setup operating with a maximum boost pressure of 106 psi. And since it weighs just 3660 lbs., paired with 1233 horsepower and 2000 foot pounds of torque at the wheels, the figures end up being absolute mayhem: What started out as a $225 ’49 Ford from Craigslist has a full tubular frame, with the…

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Best Classic Cars 

This 42-Litre Packard-Engined Bentley Is One Of The Most Insane Cars Ever Made

This Packard-Bentley, known as “Mavis”, is more powerful than a Bugatti Veyron and the size of a bus. This 21-foot long car is like a primordial beast; it roars as Dragon, spit flames and hot air and weighs 2.4 tons. This monster, owned by Lemmy Kilmister, is based on a 1930 Bentley 8-litre chassis, although it is highly modified. It is powered by a 42-litre Packard V12 developing 1,500bhp and massive 2,000lb ft. This supercharged Packard 4M 2500 engine came from an American World War II-era marine military Patrol Torpedo (PT)…

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