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Eight Cars That Made Way More Horsepower Than Advertised

Horsepower is often the first thing coming to mind, especially when performance-oriented cars are concerned. Horsepower, however, isn’t as one-way track as people would think it to be. There are multiple ways of calculating the figure, and they mostly yield different results. Removing the wheels, for instance, adds around 15% more to the final output. Open-exhaust system allows for the better airflow, hence produces more power, and so on. Things are more or less standardized now, but that wasn’t always the case. In fact, even now manufacturers often decide in which…

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7 Forgotten Jeeps You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

There’s a reason why the Jeep brand has a cult following. Old Jeeps are some of the coolest vehicles ever made, and the history behind the brand is just epic. But some Jeeps don’t get the recognition they deserve. Let’s look at some rare old Jeeps that history forgot. Let’s look at seven rare production Jeeps: one per grille slot. Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, CJ- these names rush to our minds when we think “Jeep.” But there are so many other great vehicles that sported that Jeep badge over the…

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