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Sox & Martin Vs. Richard Petty – Legendary Superbird Drag Race Ronnie Sox and Buddy Martin were once and almost unbeatable duo in the drag racing world, relying on Mopar power to win countless events and championships across the nation. At the same time, The King himself, Richard Petty, was dominating the world of stock car racing, also utilizing power from the Chrysler Corporation to rack up his likely-to-stand-forever record of 100 wins. So it only made sense that the two titans line up their Plymouth Superbirds for some head-to-head action to see which car’s combination would come out on top… Read More
Barn Finds Muscle Cars 

Barn Find: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner 426 Hemi – The First Road Runner Ever Built

viagra online pharmacy It’s always a happy day when barn find happens, and this one is a little bit spicier than usual. Over a year ago, what’s believed to be the very first 1970 426 Hemi Plymouth Road Runner was unearthed from a barn. It has very early production number of 100015 which is one of the pilot cars from back then. Lack of data that would suggest otherwise implicates that this is actually the first Road Runner made in the seventies. Road Runner, however, first came in 1968, and it enjoyed a… Read More
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1969 Plymouth Road Runner Commercial – Motor Trends Car of the Year

see url In this day and age, it might seem like most measures of advertising are refined and watered down versions of what car companies could really head out there and accomplish with an aggressive vision, but back in the 60s and 70s, there wasn’t really a path for the companies to take when it came to ads on television, so things got creative. This time, we let nostalgia make its way to the pages of Speed Society as we check out a Motor Trend Car of the Year announcement advertisement as the…

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Muscle Cars 


click We are really glad that have the honor to welcome you in the world of rat rod racing. Meanwhile, take a look at the 800 HP Hulk Camino blown by In The Weeds (ITW) Hot Rods. You will definitely agree with our opinion that this monster of a machine is bad to the bone literally and in every sense of the word. As soon as you hear the sound of the idle. You will immediately know that you are dealing with an extraordinary force. Which punches everything on the way… Read More

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