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This Barn Find Lamborghini Miura Is Back on the Road After Sitting for 25 Years

A Lamborghini Miura isn’t exactly a common barn find. After all, if you own a Miura, you tend to remember having it. But the rarity of that situation (combined with the rarity of the car itself) is part of what makes this particular Miura so special. In an interview with Petrolicious, the current owner says his 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400 originally belonged to one of his grandmother’s cousins. He worked on it himself, drove it regularly, and even commuted in it. But unfortunately, a brake and clutch repair in the…

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A Graffiti Artist Painted A Road Runner Tunnel On A Wall And Somebody Tried To Drive Through It

And he suffered the same fate as Wile E. Coyote did every time he tried to drive through those damn things. According to Mirror, a man attempting to drive his Fiat through what he was thought was a tunnel instead crashed his car because it turned out to be a painting of a tunnel on a wall. The accident happened a few months ago despite the fact that the graffiti artist also painted a large depiction of the Looney Tunes Road Runner next to the tunnel. Even funnier than somebody…

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“The Monkees” is a sitcom that ran form 1966 to 1968 that actually gave rise to the band by the same name, a band that would go on to sell 75 million records and tour though 2011. The show that launched the band featured this highly modified Pontiac GTO, and now a fan of the show has bought it for his own collection at the Barrett-Jackson Auction. The GTO, which has some over-the-top body modifications, such as the exaggerated nose that is both unique to the Monkeemobile and distinctly Pontiac…

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By silodrome Dropping a 12.4 litre Jacobs R-755 radial engine into a 1939 Plymouth pickup truck seems like the sort of thing you might do if you’d been tasked with the job of building a modern chariot for Mars – the ancient Roman God of War. The truck is the work of the Corns family, based out of Colorado where they run a 40 acre salvage yard with hundreds of vehicles and tens of thousands of parts. Each Wednesday evening the Corns family invites friends to come by and they set…

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A situation like this definitely isn’t something that we would wish on anybody but it just so happens that the two tend to go hand in hand with a variety of different drivers pushing their cars past a certain limit and paying the price. There’s nothing that we can do but watch and wait as this old school Chevrolet gets launched hard off of the line doesn’t seem to really ever catch traction. However, that doesn’t stop the driver from attempting to get it down the track and that’s where…

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By DAN CARNEY Icon 4×4‘s customized classic off-roaders are famous works of art among gearheads. But truck drivers are notably loyal to their favorite brand, so no matter how gorgeous an Icon Bronco or Toyota FJ may be, a Chevy guy isn’t going to buy one. Icon 4×4 Instead, a Chevy die-hard convinced Icon boss Jonathan Ward that it was time to do a classic Chevrolet Blazer. Even starting was a challenge, because as fans of old Chevys know, these things rust! Icon 4×4 Eventually Icon located a suitable 1969 Blazer…

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One of the Twelve Original Jaguar E-Type Lightweights Is For Sale

Back in 1964, the Jaguar E-Type Lightweight wasn’t as desirable as it is today. The company planned on building 18 Lightweights for competition use, but only managed to sell 12 examples before production ended. Since these cars are so rare, they’ve become a holy grail for classic Jaguar collectors everywhere, and almost never come up for sale. That’s why we think this particular example will be the star of the show once it goes up for auction in August.  This particular Lightweight was the factory works entry for Jaguar for…

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The Ten Most Sexist Car Ads Of All Time

Different times mean different standards, but it’s still shocking to see how blatantly sexist the car industry’s ads were right up until the last two decades. Here are 10 of the most egregious examples sure to make you cringe. 10.) Hurst Dual Gate Transmission The message is clear here. Not only will your woman appreciate that you went for the automatic instead of the performance-oriented four-speed stick, you will also have a personal key that can prevent her from using the “competition gate.” Nice touch! Suggested By: For Sweden, Photo…

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10 Chrysler-Mopar Cars That Have Been Forgotten

By cheatsheet Ah, Chrysler: the littlest of The Big Three. While Ford and GM seem to be locked in a permanent race for superiority (GM vastly outsells Ford; Ford has the insanely popular and profitable F-150), Chrysler has spent much of its history offering an alternative to the other two, and often with much success. Sure, it’s had its share of near-death experiences (the early ’50s, late ’70s, and late 2000s), but each time, it seems to bounce back with spectacular results. Chrysler, and all of its past and present brands…

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