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One of the Twelve Original Jaguar E-Type Lightweights Is For Sale

Back in 1964, the Jaguar E-Type Lightweight wasn’t as desirable as it is today. The company planned on building 18 Lightweights for competition use, but only managed to sell 12 examples before production ended. Since these cars are so rare, they’ve become a holy grail for classic Jaguar collectors everywhere, and almost never come up for sale. That’s why we think this particular example will be the star of the show once it goes up for auction in August.  This particular Lightweight was the factory works entry for Jaguar for…

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The Ten Most Sexist Car Ads Of All Time

Different times mean different standards, but it’s still shocking to see how blatantly sexist the car industry’s ads were right up until the last two decades. Here are 10 of the most egregious examples sure to make you cringe. 10.) Hurst Dual Gate Transmission The message is clear here. Not only will your woman appreciate that you went for the automatic instead of the performance-oriented four-speed stick, you will also have a personal key that can prevent her from using the “competition gate.” Nice touch! Suggested By: For Sweden, Photo…

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