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10 Chrysler-Mopar Cars That Have Been Forgotten

By cheatsheet Ah, Chrysler: the littlest of The Big Three. While Ford and GM seem to be locked in a permanent race for superiority (GM vastly outsells Ford; Ford has the insanely popular and profitable F-150), Chrysler has spent much of its history offering an alternative to the other two, and often with much success. Sure, it’s had its share of near-death experiences (the early ’50s, late ’70s, and late 2000s), but each time, it seems to bounce back with spectacular results. Chrysler, and all of its past and present brands…

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Collection of 200 Classic Car: The Heaven on Earth for Enthusiastic Classic Lovers (Video)

Here we present you the video that shows the heaven on earth for enthusiastic classic car lovers who would like to find an old car and turn it into a living legend. But, first be sure that you’re not high, the video is just a bit distorted! In this video below, you’re going to see a junkyard with about 200 damaged but definitely renewable classic cars in it, including Chevrolet Fleetline, Cadillac and many other American classics. It is an excellent collection, indeed, that needs a hero who bring them…

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