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Two Brand-New Buick Grand Nationals Were Just Found In Some Dude’s Garage

You’d think all the old cars wasting away in barns and garages would be found, but there’s always more out there. Take for example these two 1987 Buick Grand Nationals. They look like, well, two Grand Nationals, but their story is much more remarkable. According to a post from Facebook user William Avila, he and his friend Shawn Matthews found these two cars in a small Oklahoma town, where they were listed for sale as a pair for $200,000. Avila knew he wouldn’t pay that much for a Grand National,…

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The world’s finest collection of Humber limousines

The reaction of Allan Marshall to his father acquiring a six-year-old Humber Pullman in 1960 was one of incredulity: “He hailed me in the street and I was amazed to see him driving this immense car. It looked about 20 feet long and most of that seemed taken up with the bonnet.”  Marshall Senior discovered Humber when he drove army staff cars in the Second World War and 15 years after the end of hostilities he finally bought one for a bargain price of £90. Allan never forgot his first…

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