Barn Finds 

1966 Chevelle SS396 Found in a Barn Filled with Street-Racing History

It might only be a local piece of history, but it’s history nevertheless, and when it’s about street-racing muscle car like this unique ’66 Chevy Chevelle SS396 – we’re bound to take notice. Moreover, this story includes a triangle of owners – all with their own plans for the car. So, let’s not waste any more time. The car used to belong to David Heath who often put it through its paces off Dobyns Road outside the little mountain town of Claudville, Virginia. That was back in early seventies though, when…

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Top 5 Rat Rods On The Road Today

While hot rods are special, rat rods are an even more special hot rod. Usually built to imitate or exaggerate the styling of hot rods from the 1940s through the 1960s, rat rods are made to look unfinished in order to replicate the moonshine running cars from back in the day that had to be FAST without looking fast. These are the top 5 rat rods you just might see on the road today 1. Just how fast is this 1930 Ford coupe rat rod? Well, it is powerful enough…

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Muscle Cars 

From AUSTRALIA to USA – 1300HP Twin Turbo Chevelle Is US Drag Racing NIGHTMARE

During the years we have seen a bunch of insane drag racing beasts, but no one like this here. This 1300HP Twin Turbo Chevelle Is US Drag Racing NIGHTMARE. Don’t think that it’s just about speed as well. Obviously, this vehicle will be able to dish out some serious beatings on the competition after it’s tuned properly, but what sets it apart is the way it looks. Probably you get the picture, so we’ll stop raving about how awesome it looks, and move on to performances. The massive engine under…

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