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This Hero Hit The 1 Million Mile Mark In His Porsche 356 After Daily Driving It For 40 Years

Most cars struggle to make it much beyond 100,000 miles in their lifetimes. Deferred maintenance, rust, and general lack of care eventually do them in. This Porsche 356 is different, though, because it has just passed the fabled million-miles-driven mark. Guy Newmark, owner of this blue 1964 Porsche 356C coupe, received the car as a graduation gift from his father, who bought the Porsche from its original owner mere months after it was built. For almost 50 years, he’s been driving “Blu” anywhere he needed to go, accumulating an astonishing number of…

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10 Cool And Cheap American Vehicles Excluding Mustangs And Camaros

Believe it or not, there are some cool American cars on the market that isn’t a prancing pony or its Chevy rival. When I say “cheap” in the title, for this post that will mean anything under $10,000 for sale in America. There are some hidden gems out there that can also be had for cheap if you look in the right place… One: Plymouth Duster, The Charger’s Little Brother If you’re the kind of person that complains about classic muscle cars being too heavy, then this is the car…

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