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Immaculate, 9,000-mile 1979 Camaro Z28 Barn Find

For the most part, barn finds today are almost as elusive as Yetis and honest politicians, yet we are fortunate to come across an absolute gem now and again (cars, not politicians). As time goes on, though, cars we once considered “garden variety” and not really worth much are suddenly attracting lots of interest. And that’s been the case since cars have become a collectible commodity. But now there’s a new generation of automotive enthusiasts coming up that consider cars of the late-’70s as potential collector’s items. While the term…

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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Favorite American Muscle Cars

Love Ford? Are You More Of A Chevy Person?? Well, Back in the golden era of slick cars and roaring engines – muscle car makers were in a battle for the fastest and best ride. Today’s cars have come a long way in engineering and design – but nothing quite replicates the beauty and intrigue of a muscle car. These cars were engineered with top quality materials and had some of the best engines on the road today. More than novelties, these cars evoked the spirit and excitement of the American…

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