You Can Buy This Turn-Key Tennessee Dragstrip For $115,000

In most areas of the country you can’t even buy a home on a tiny plot of land for $115,000, but that’s precisely what Tennessean Scottie Corbin is selling the 22-acre Great River Road Raceway for — lock, stock, and barrel. The 1/8-mile dragstrip, located in Dyersburg, about an hour north of Memphis, is being sold in virtually turn-key condition, including a brand new computer system and LED scoreboards that he recently invested $30,000 in. For any prospective buyers, “all they have to come in with is a tractor and…

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Muscle Cars 

Is This The World’s Fastest Muscle Car? ’68 Hurst HEMI Dart L023

There are only a few muscle cars that are legendary. The earn that status, the cars needed to have broken new ground, changing the way people from all parties looked at them. The ’68 Hurst HEMI Dodge Dart – code L023 – is said to be the fastest muscle car of all time. Differing greatly from the base Dodge Dart produced for 1968, bare Dart bodies were shipped to the Madison Heights, Michigan, Hurst Performance facility for further outfitting. Arriving void of an engine or transmission, the LO23 models were…

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