10 Classic Cars That You Probably Don’t Know, But Should

Everybody knows the Impalas, the Chargers, and the Mustangs. They’re some of the staples of the automotive history and have lasted the test of time. But what about the cars that didn’t, for one reason or another? What about the concepts that were immediately killed? What about the lost soldiers that were only built for a couple years (or weeks), yet managed to inject certain styling cues into other cars down the line. We’re here to pay our respects and remember some vehicles that you’ve probably never heard of, but…

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Best Classic Cars 

A Brief History of the Cord Automobile: The Coolest Car You Never Knew Existed

What if you learned that there was a car that debuted in the 1960s with front-wheel drive, a supercharged V-8, chrome-plated side-exhaust pipes, hidden headlights, and a disappearing convertible top? And what if you then learned that this car in fact was introduced not in the 1960s, but a full three decadesearlier, in the 1930s? We’re referring here to the revolutionary Cord. No, not a Ford—or an Accord—but a Cord: quite possibly the coolest car you’ve never heard of. And it all began 85 years ago, in the town of…

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