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63′ Plymouth Fury over 1.6 million miles!

Joseph Vaillancourt’s 1963 Plymouth Fury, driven as a cab since the mid-1960s, reached 2,609,698 km (1,621,591 miles), when it was struck and totalled by a truck. Vaillancourt was unhurt, and a Quebec actor, Michel Barette (who drove a Prowler at the time) spent roughly $20,000 to restore the Fury, the highest mileage car in North America. That included buying the taxi dome light, a beacon to the riding public for over 35 years, from the Diamond Taxi Company. Elton McFall wrote: I have admired that car since 1991 when I…

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Ford F-150 Owner Close to Hitting 1 Million Miles

Arizona Truck Owner Is Taking ‘Built Ford Tough’ to the Most Extreme Level Every now and then, although rare, we see a story of some faithful truck owner who just doesn’t want to part ways with his or her truck. We get it — trust us. But how often do you hear of an F-150 hitting the ultimate goal in automotive reliability, 1 million miles? Well, an Arizona resident is about to cross that coveted line, likely in just a few short months. Lake Havasu City, Arizona, resident Dave Wright works…

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