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What You Should Know Before You Buy An Old Muscle Car

So maybe you’ve been considering buying some old school muscle? What’s not to love? Heaps of power, classic looks, and an idle that could shake the pennies from your ashtray. You may or may not be planning to use it as your daily driver, but it will most certainly be your project. Here are some things you need to be ready for when preparing for some old-fashioned muscle ownership! Spending all of your money on fuel Sure, this one might seem cliché and obvious. We all know that muscle cars…

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Classic Cars 


This and other pictures have been flooding the media since Friday afternoon after a sad mishap with the trailer transport of a 1936 Rolls Royce Phantom III Barker. A man from Switzerland had bought the car fromRetrolegends in The Netherlands and picked up the car with a healthy Range Rover plus brandnew trailer. Only minutes after they left from the showroom Henny Kennis got a phonecall from the Swiss guys if he wanted to come for help as things had gone wrong. Terribly wrong as you can see. The only good…

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