Muscle Cars 

Detroit’s Secret Collection Of Rare American Classics

There have been many stories and rumors about a massive collection of priceless classic cars hiding in the heart of Motown. Well our buddies over at BoldRide just uncovered the truth about this hoard of classics and it is more incredible than the rumors! Apparently this secret warehouse is owned and run by the Detroit Historical Society and houses some of the rarest American cars ever built. Special thanks to Jim S for letting us know about this story! Myles Kornblatt was invited to visit this secret locations. He was given directions to…

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Take Your Dog Along!

Now you can take your dog along when you go out for a cruise! They ride outside the car in a sack sitting on the running board. Just think, you can have fido by your side and avoid all that hard-to-clean-up hair. This how-to ran back in 1936 and I’m sure at least a few people tested it out. All you needed was some cloth, a 2×4, and a couple of c-clamps! Magazines would never run something like this today and maybe that’s a good thing, but I sure appreciate the mixture of humor and good…

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