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Dodge-PPG M4S Pace Car Designer Bob Ackerman Talks About His “Baby”

Turbochargers, twin cams and other performance components are available to make a car powered by an economical four-cylinder engine go fast. Maybe elevating the engine to the non-economical class! But what if the car has to go faster than mechanical modifications can deliver? Really fast, like a race car. After engine development, aerodynamics become a factor. To boost performance further, design or modify the car to cut efficiently through the air mass it impacts as it accelerates. Indy race fans and Mopar fans should, and usually do, know of one…

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Type K: Pontiac’s Sporty Firebird Wagon Concept

There’s something compelling about the idea of a small, sporty, high-performance station wagon. Here’s Pontiac’s stab at the concept from 1977-79, the Firebird Type K. The original Camaro/Firebird F-Body platform was barely off the drawing board when General Motors stylists began toying with sporty station wagon versions of the pony car package. The idea just seems natural, intuitive somehow. While this example, the 1977-1979  Firebird Type K, wasn’t GM’s first F-Body experiment in station wagons, it is by far the best known. Based on the clean second-generation Firebird body shell…

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