Best European car Stories 

This Guy Built His Dream Jaguar By Hand

If you could make your own car, what would you build? Perhaps more important, actually, is who you’ll ask to build it. Choosing to have a ’50s-inspired sports racing car built to your specifications is special, but even more so is who did the work on this stunning, one-of-a-kind CMC Jaguar that is now being offered for sale. As we’ve shown on Petrolicious many times, our modern world is still filled with the sort of craftspeople who could have worked alongside the masters at Italian carrozzeria. Many are in restoration,…

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Best European car 

The Wolseley Hornet soft-top that got Britain buzzing

There were many times in the mid-Sixties when a thoroughly respectable motorist craved an escape from endless press reports of Carnaby Street and Swinging London, the World Cup, those incomprehensible ravings of the Beatles and chaps who dared to look like beatniks in public. What they really wanted was a small convertible to complement their off-duty blue blazer, and if it came with a kettle (and a 12-volt power point) in the boot, so much the better. Enter the “Heinz 57” Wolseley Hornet Convertible, a car so exclusive that it…

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