This 1938 Packard Wins Award, Then Rolls Into Lagoon

A rare, classic luxury car became completely submerged when it rolled into a lagoon Sunday just after winning best-of-class at a car show. The owner of the 1938 Packard 1605 Super Eight convertible sedan apparently forgot to apply the parking brake, according to Autoweek. Bystanders tried to stop the vintage vehicle from rolling backward but the nearly 4,000-pound vehicle was too heavy, according to the Island Packet. A diver and tow truck company worked to pull the car from the murky depths of the water hazard on the Port Royal Golf…

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Barn Finds Best European car 

Eccentric Uncle Hides A Car Worth $8.5 Million In His Dusty Garage For Decades

Iknow I’m not the only one who indulges in the occasional fantasy of discovering something valuable the next time I hit the flea market. After all, it feels like every other week, there’s a story about a lucky someone discovering an ancient painting by a Dutch master, or turning up a treasure trove of old WWII artifacts in the attic! Sure, it can’t happen for everyone, but it has to happen often enough to keep Antiques Roadshow going, so I like to hold onto the hope that my day will…

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