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2017 Pontiac GTO

In horticulture you can graft desirable fruit onto another tree. You can for example have an Orange tree that also grows you a few Lemons for cooking. You can have an Apple tree that also provides some nice juicy Pears. So why not graft some of GM’s most famous and desirable models from dead brands into current brands? All you need do is tell the public that is what you are doing and the Branding words you need use can be as simple as these… Pontiac GTO by Cadillac Hummer…

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Top 10 Sweet Classic Cars That Were Showstoppers

Cars in the classic times were a symbol of chivalry. People flaunted their cars and spend money on it to maintain their status in the society. Cars, then, were elegant and classy. We have compiled a list of top 10 sweet classic cars that were showstoppers. The 1908 Ford Model T is one of the sweet classic cars that changed the automobile industry forever. It first the first assembly line produced the car which was affordable. It had a 2.9 litre four cylinder engine and produced 20 horsepower. It had…

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