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The 5 Greatest Barn Finds Of All Time

Could there be anything better than uncovering a priceless classic sitting lost in your garage? 5.) The Million-Dollar Ferrari 166MM This 1949 V12 Ferrari was left in a back yard in Arizona fr 50 years before a Bay Area collector came across it and scooped it up back in 2007. It was valued at a cool $1 million. Suggested By: HammerheadFistpunch, Photo Credit: RM Auctions 4.) The Onassis Miura You have to be rich to buy a V12 Lamborghini back in the day, as Aristotle Onassis certainly was. You have…

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Basement for 31 Years: 1973 Yamaha RD350

Barn Finds reader Jim S. spotted a long-stored sport bike from the 1970s on eBay in the form of a classic 1973 Yamaha RD350. It’s good timing on his part, since we recently featured another relic of the early sport bike era in the form of a highly original Kawasaki H1 Mach III. While many consider the current landscape to be the golden era of speed, these early two-wheeled rockets set the bar high when introduced. According to the seller, he purchased this RD350 from the original owner, who only drove it a…

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