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We all know the story; it started in 1964 with the Ford Mustang. No, wait — I mean the Plymouth Barracuda. Or the Pontiac GTO. Or was it earlier with the Pontiac Catalina SD? The ’50s Dodge D-500 maybe? Debating the origin of the muscle car is like debating over the first rock and roll record; everyone you talk to has a different opinion, and no one is exactly wrong. Let’s just say that by the early ’60s, a generation coming of age fell in love with high-performance midsize cars coming out…

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Toyota Model AA: Finding the world’s oldest Toyota

Only 1,404 examples of Toyota’s first passenger car, the Toyota Model AA, were built in the six years of production from 1936 to 1942. Until recently it was thought that none of these cars had survived to this day. Even Toyota itself had been forced to fabricate a ground-up replica of the Model AA because an original example could not be found to exhibit at the Toyota Automobile Museum in Japan. So when news of a 1936 car, one of only 100 units built in the very first year of…

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This 1957 Aston Martin DB 2/4 Mark II was another when it sold at Bonhams’s Monterey auction last August for $87,750, buyer’s premium included. Built as a left-hand-drive car for export to California, the Aston Martin (chassis number AM3001268, engine number VB6J895), changed hands a couple of times in its first four years. According to Bonhams, its third owner used it as a daily driver – using it even to pick up her kids from school – until the mid-1970s, when she placed it in storage in Malibu, where it…

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The tale of the Volvo P1800 “Whisky Cars”

Fifty-three years ago, a small group of Americans each put a deposit down on new Volvo P1800 and patiently waited for their Anglo-Swedish coupés to arrive. They were blissfully unaware of the dramatic events occurring on the other side of the Atlantic. On March 29th 1962,  on the River Thames just outside London, the freighter MS Kassel had just taken on board additional cargo in the form of Scotch Whisky and 29 Volvo P1800 cars to accompany its load of pipes from Germany. It set sail for Houston, Texas, and…

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Watch A Beautiful Time-Lapse Of A Flathead Ford V8 Rebuild

The Ford flathead V8 is perhaps the most iconic V8 engine ever built. Its launch marked the beginning of affordable V8s in America, and ultimately helped spawn hot rod culture. Here’s a gorgeous time lapse showing the magnificent contraption getting a full rebuild. Chevy’s small block V8 might be the most popular V8 of all time, but who knows if that engine ever would have debuted had it not been for Henry Ford’s decision to make an affordable, powerful V8 for the masses. Launched in 1932 with 221 cubic-inches of…

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