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20 Cool Vintage Vehicle Designs

Do you have a favorite vintage vehicle? Here is our list of 20 vintage vehicle designs that define cool.

From a 1923 Audi Jaray to a 1953 Fiat Boat Car here are 20 vintage vehicles so crazy they’re cool.

Rolling into the number 20 spot we have been 1956 Jawa Motorex 350 cc.

The Motorex was a Czechoslovakian vehicle nicknamed the Jawaobile. Unfortunately it was Jawa’s last car. With its front end entrance very similar to a BMW 600 this car didn’t seem to be very feasible. Four prototypes were made but only one survived.
At number 19 we have the 1942 L’oeuf Electrique.
It’s not tough to see how this little electric car earned its name. L’oeuf Electrique, literally, the electric egg was built by French artist, designer,
and engineer Paul Arzens in 1942 for personal use. With a 60 mile range and a 37 mph top speed, the egg was the ultimate urban vehicle
years before the first electric Smart Fortwo took to the streets. Enormous for a small car, the egg consisted of a bulbous aluminum and Plexiglas body that enclosed a minimalist two-person interior. It also had full Plexiglas doors for excellent forward inside visibility with a small oval portal for a rear window.
Number 18, the 1948 Panhard Dynavia.
The Dynavia, a concept automobile built by Panhard in 1948 was an experiment in aerodynamics. The aviation styling of the Dynavia’s droplet bodywork made waves when the prototype was presented by Panhard at the 1948 Paris Motor Show. The headlights were replaced at the front with a powerful central spotlight used as a full beam light and fog light. The incredible aerodynamic body shape with better properties even than today’s carefully profiled cars, allowed for a fuel consumption that topped out at 80.7 mpg.
Number 17, the 1955 Fascination car.
This brainchild of Paul M Lewis of the Highway Aircraft Corporation was propeller driven, and had one wheel in the front. During a demonstration of Bandimere Speedway a prop failed, resulting in lawsuits. The prototype was redesigned, eliminating the propeller
and installing a pancake type VW power plant. Another improvement was the addition of a second small wheel in the front to give the vehicle more stability.
Number 16, the 1937 Mormon Meteor III.
The Meteor was built by Ab Jenkins, his son Marv and a family friend in 1937. It had many unique features such as an offset body to help the car turn on the track. In 1939 Jenkins drove the car an average of 171 mph and broke all of the 12 hour endurance records at the time. The Meteor then set a 24 hour record of 161.18 mph in 1940 that would not be broken until 1990.
For more vintage vehicle designs that define cool watch the video down below:

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