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1936 Cadillac V16 Bullet-Proof Mafia Limousine Found In A Old Bassement

While all of the barn finds have their own backstories, told or untold,  but this Cadillac must had some pretty interesting past, judging by the gadgets on it.

This 1936 Caddy geared with massive V16 engine looks normal at a first sight, but if you start to explore it you’ll begin to discover details known for the mafia in the first half of the 20th century.

All windows of the car are made with a ‘bulletproof glass. If that is normal with you it’s okay, but what’s with the ‘bullet holes? They didn’t came as a factory option for sure. And if you look better, there are some scars on it, which tells us that this Caddy survived some action in the past.


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