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1915 Willys-Overland Touring barn find in original unrestored condition

The turn of the century in the American Automotive industry was like the Big Bang Theory with manufacturers merging and splitting seemingly overnight.

At the start of World War I, Willys-Overland was one of the leaders in the production of factory built, enclosed bodywork, the primary appeal of which was to women, it was described as “The Reigning Electrically Started and Lighted Coupe for Women.” Over-all sales hit the 80,000 mark.

1915 Willys-OverlandPhoto Credit

By 1915, the company had risen to the position of second largest automobile manufacturer in the U.S. and production reached a new high of 91,780 units, taking second place only to Ford.


1915 Willys-OverlandPhoto Credit

This very well preserved example was found in a barn, covered in dust.There are a few various parts in the back seat as well. The exterior paint appears to be in good condition under all that dust with a green and black color scheme that would be awesome left as is or could possibly be brought back to a shine. The interior is in remarkably complete condition with seats and panels present making for an easy restoration if you so choose.


1915 Willys-OverlandPhoto Credit

The dash also appears to be complete with gauges still intact and the steering wheel and controls have a firm solid feel as well. The engine is a work of art in and of its self with amazing engineering that defies modern technology!

1915 Willys-OverlandPhoto Credit

These photos reveal a very solid chassis that was the state of the art more than 100 years ago. This Willys-Overland is being sold as a restoration project with no title due to age, it will have a bill of sale. While this amazing 1915 Willys-Overland is said to have run when put into storage over 40 years ago, it will need to be completely serviced prior to attempting to start and drive for the first time to ensure safety and reliability.

1915 Willys Overland Touring_Photo Credit

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to own a nicely preserved example of the iconic 1915 Willys-Overland Touring.

Suitable for a Classic Collection, Museum Display, and Advertising or Promotional use you decide.

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