14 Unusual Vehicles From Around The World.

From cars to bikes to boats and planes, engineers are always trying to revolutionize their industry, and sometimes, they come up with
some pretty extraordinary designs.
Here 14 unusual vehicles from around the world.

Number 14

Built by aviation and motor car engineer William Stout in 1932, the Scarab is considered by some to be the world’s first mini van.
The aircraft heritage is obvious in its steel frame and all aluminum body. It had a rear engine in the back, which was unusual at the time. Meaning the car was able to maximize the amount of room inside. The front seats could swivel, the back seats could lay down like a couch, and there was even a fold out table available. Unfortunately, with the price of $5,000, the equivalent of $80,000 today, only nine are believed to have ever been built.

Number 13

Designed by Darryl Starbird, the Vantasta looks like a van with a Reliant Robin attached.
The base consists of a 1972 simple Ford van, while the nose gives it a more futuristic feel. A modified version went on display at the Oakland Roadster Show in 2010 that even featured unique wing doors. Inside, you’ll find a stereo, TV, bed and a two person cockpit. The original is currently on display at Starbird’s National Rod and Custom Car Hall of Fame Museum.

Number 12

Unleashed in 2008, the Monster Motorbike from Hell, runs about 30 feet in length, 10 feet in height and weighs in at 13 tons.
The bike’s frame appears to be an upside down ladder design with wheels and tires from Caterpillar. It’s Detroit diesel engine is hooked to a six speed Allison automatic transmission, providing enough power for the motorbike to even crush cars. It’s owner, who spent three years building it, grew tired of sharing the highway with inconsiderate motorists, so he designed a motorbike that would leave no doubt as to who was kind of the road.

Number 11

Unveiled in the summer of 2008, the Deco Liner looks, at first glance, like a short, bright purple limo.
However, there’s an even more interesting secret inside. Hidden within, is a ’92 Harley Sportster, nicknamed the Deco Scoot. Which has a streamlined aluminum body. So that the Deco Liner could allow the minimum rear height needed to accommodate a 39.5 inch tall motorcycle, it had to have front wheel drive. It also houses a nine foot long aluminum electric powered ramp, upon which the Deco Scoot sits. Allowing the bike to be unloaded at the touch of a button.
More unusual vehicles in this video. Comment what is your favorite?

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