10 Cars You Should Never Buy!

Buying a car is an important financial decision, therefore it is crucial that you know which cars you should avoid at all costs.

First on the list is the mercedes-benz GL.

The GL was first launched in 2006 it was meant to compete in the luxury segment though many observers felt it was late to the party. Some of the most common problems with the Mercedes GL is that shifting starts to get rough only after a few years of use. Another hot problem with the GL is that the car seat warmers can smoke and even catch fire.

According to car Co plates com1 owner claims that he turned the seat warmer on while driving. In a very short amount of time there was a strong burning smell and thick smoke they felt intense heat on their back and realized the source was the seat itself and within minutes a cloud of smoke filled the car up.

Next we have the Chevy Traverse.

The Traverse made its debut in 2009. The Chevy Traverse has been subject to many consumer complaints since the beginning. Common complaints include problems with the climate control as well as suspension. There also have been reports of fires under the hood and malfunctioning windshield monitors. Other nagging problems include seat issues and seat belt failure and they also have had problems with the fuel gauge leaving some drivers stranded in the middle of nowhere with an empty tank when the gauge said that it was actually half full.

To learn more which cars you should never buy, watch this video:

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